Dear Families & Friends,

Welcome to The American University of Rome. Your student has made an outstanding choice for their educational journey!

As president of the university, my colleagues and I look forward to welcoming your family to our campus and community this coming spring. We know how exciting it will be for your student to live and study in one of the world’s most fascinating and inspiring cities, alongside students and faculty from over 40 countries. Your student will make lifetime friends from across the globe and experience the world in ways not possible in any conventional classroom.

This page is dedicated to family members and friends seeking information on the pre-arrival process and Orientation Week. For other information relevant to you, please refer to our dedicated page on our website

We will also host a virtual Admitted Student & Family Day on Sunday, December 17, at 7:00 PM CET. You'll meet AUR's support staff and discover all that AUR can offer your students. Join for information on academics, housing, financial aid, student safety, and preparation for Orientation Week.

We hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,

Dr. Scott Sprenger
The American University of Rome

Your student has access to their own MyAUR portal with a plethora of information and steps to take post-acceptance. Although family members are not granted direct access to these resources, it is possible for students to share their information with you to help them stay on track. We recommend leaving the responsibility to them to familiarize themselves with their student portal and get comfortable with navigating the administrative side of university life; nevertheless, offering gentle encouragement can be a constructive means of guiding them through this important transition.

Here are some steps your student should take post-acceptance:

Step 1: Confirm their enrollment by submitting the 500 USD/EURO tuition deposit and the Enrollment Confirmation Form. 

Step 2: Non-EU Students begin the student visa process. After the enrollment deposit has been paid, AUR will provide the necessary documentation for your student's visa. However, it is their responsibility to ensure the student visa is obtained successfully before arriving in Italy. Please note that it may take several weeks to receive an appointment with the Italian Consulate that serves their jurisdiction. 

Step 3: Submit a Housing Form to confirm whether they will request university housing.
Housing Application Deadline: November 30th

Step 4: Pay the housing and tuition fees. After submitting the 500 USD/EURO tuition deposit, the student will receive a billing statement from the Finance Office via email. Please note that tuition and housing are paid by semester at AUR following these deadlines:
Housing Payment Deadline: November 30th
Full Tuition Deadline: December 1st

Step 5: Italian Placement Test. Students who have prior knowledge of Italian but are not transferring Italian course credits are encouraged to take this exam.
Not applicable to visiting students.

Step 6: Complete Pre-Arrival Forms. This includes an Arrival Confirmation Form for students who will be living in university housing; a Photo Release Form where they'll also submit a photo for their student ID; and the FERPA for students who wish to grant family members access to academic or financial information.

Step 7: Submit Official Transcripts. All acceptances are conditional until receiving official & final transcripts. Failure to send official transcripts will result in a delay in course registration.
Freshman Transcripts Due: November 15th
Transfer Transcripts Due: January 5th
Not applicable to visiting students.

Step 8: Complete the Pre-Orientation Modules Quiz. The Pre-Orientation Modules are a list of videos with important policies and procedures at The American University of Rome. This is the first part of Orientation Week that should be completed prior to arriving. 

Step 9: Review the Orientation Week Schedule.
Orientation Week is mandatory and an important introduction to all aspects of university life. Our sessions are organized for students to obtain important information about academic resources, campus life, health services, university housing, etc., while also socializing with their peers and meeting members of staff and faculty. 

Contacts at AUR

Our departments are available to answer questions. We encourage students to review the information on MyAUR in detail and reach out to the following departments if they still have questions:

Responsible for admissions applications, Orientation Week, liaising with agents
Email them at [email protected] 

Responsible for distributing parent & family newsletters, organizing alumni and parent events, including online forums, and managing the Parent association.
Email them at [email protected]

Responsible for invoices, deposit payments, tuition payments, housing payments, and federal loan disbursements. 
Email them at [email protected] 

Financial Aid
Responsible for scholarships, federal loan guidance, VA Benefits, and student training
Email them at [email protected]

Responsible for class registration, transfer credit evaluations, 
Email them at [email protected] 

Student Life 
Responsible for Housing, Clubs, Sports, and non-academic activities
Email them at [email protected]

Please mark your calendars for our Spring 2024 Family Orientation! Learn about the resources available to your student, meet faculty and staff members who will impact your student's educational journey, and connect with other family members.  Family members must RSVP for Orientation Week.

Access the online Family Orientation Schedule here 
Access your Student's Orientation Week Schedule here
Please note that the final schedule will be posted in December.

Click here to see Accommodation Discounts for AUR Families & Friends

Parent & Family Webpage: easy access to important information for parents and family members

AUR Parent & Family Facebook Group: connect with the community, share your thoughts, and ask your questions

AUR Parent & Family Newsletter: stay on top of AUR news and updates

Below is a list of hotels, bed & breakfast accommodations, and Air BnB rentals near The American University of Rome.
This list is unvetted. AUR is providing this list based purely on geographical location. The inclusion of any accommodation on this list should not be seen as a recommendation.

Accommodation with AUR discounted rates

Aventino S. Anselmo Hotels
Mention the AUR Discount Agreement when booking

Unahotel Trastevere
Use the code UNARMUNY when booking directly through their website

Domus Monamì Luxury Suites
Use the code AUR when booking directly through their website

Grand Hotel Gianicolo
Mention the AUR Discount Agreement when booking

Other Local Hotels

Hotel San Francesco ,Via Jacopa de' Settesoli, 7, 00153 Roma

Hotel Trilussa ****, Piazza Ippolito Nievo 00153 Roma +39 06 58332809

Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli ****, Via Garibaldi 27

Casa San Giuseppe: Vicolo Moroni, 22, 00153 Roma [email protected]

Relais La Fornarina, Via di Porta Settimiana, 7 00153 Roma [email protected]

Hotel Santa Maria, Vicolo del Piede, 2, 00153 Roma

Bed & Breakfast

B&B Carini 58, Via Giacinto Carini, 58, 00152

A Casa Cibella, Via Giovanni Livraghi 1, 00152 Rome. Tel: +39 338 993 2900

Carini Guesthouse, Via Giacinto Carini, 71, 00152. Tel: +39 3664 214 089

Le Fate Suites, Via Dei Quattro Venti, 156

Honey Rooms, Via Anton Giulio Barrili, 18 Roma. Tel: +39 348 5570000. [email protected]\

Additional Accommodation options close to AUR

Monteverde Guesthouse, Via Gabriele Rossetti, 7

Monteverde Holidays Home, Via Ugo Bassi,20


Little House Calandrelli on Gianicolo Hill

Charming apartment in Gianicolo